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As we quickly turn our backs on 2020, two weeks into a new year with the same challenges, like many others we ourselves have set new goals for the new year.

2020 was not quite the year any of us expected & for Base Fitness we had to adapt very quickly to those changes after launching in January.

We thank all those that supported us over the last twelve months, from the start with our boot camp to supporting us in our virtual adventure, its been an absolute pleasure.

With gyms closing & re-opening on three occasions so far, physical & mental fitness has made an impact on many. Having said that, being a resourceful bunch, we have taken to virtual fitness easily with some even building there own home gyms as a result.

Whilst we fully intend on running our boot camp sessions in person, we do now offer more variety in virtual fitness & this is something we believe will be beneficial in the future.

We are currently offering five virtual sessions a week, we believe exercise should be fully inclusive to all abilities. We also know that a lot of people have exercise equipment at home they do not use so we want to encourage those of you that have equipment to dig it out & get involved in our sessions.

With over a combined 20 years experience in fitness, fully qualified, insured & CIMSPA recognised trainers, we want to put that knowledge & experience to good use, by teaching people to safely & effectively use their equipment for their own workouts as well as in our virtual sessions.

Do not worry if you do not have equipment to hand, we offer body weight workout sessions too & we can provide alternative exercises for sessions that sometimes involve kit.


Our new virtual time table will be updated once life settles down, but at this moment in time we currently offer the following..........

Monday - Base Resistance 7:30pm

Base Resistance is a 60 minute resistance based workout using both body weight & either barbells, dumbbells or resistance bands. The goal of this workout is to increase muscular endurance & strength using a range of training methods, such as peripheral heart action, super sets, pre & post exhaust & time under tension.

Tuesday - Base HIIT 7pm

Base HIIT is a 45 minute high intensity workout with short intense periods of work followed by short periods of rest or active recovery using both body weight & equipment (if available to you) focusing on cardio drills & muscular endurance work. It's a great fat burning workout using plenty of calories & will improve cardiovascular fitness.

Wednesday - Legs, Bums & Tums 7.30pm (STC)

Legs, Bums & Tums, those love to hate areas are the focus on Wednesday nights.

The LBT session will give you a serious calorie burn combining core & lower body exercises with HIIT style drills.

Thursday - Base KB 7pm

Base KB is a dynamic Kettle Bell only workout. If you own one and have no idea what to do with it, this session will be great for you to attend. Kettle bells are a great all rounder, they work the posterior chain of muscles, stabilising muscles, the core, improve balance & co-ordination, develops hip power & speed & is also a great fat burning workout!

Saturday - Online Boot Camp 8:45am (STC)

Online Boot Camp, anything can go down Saturday morning, its not strictly one form of training, its a fun combined workout challenge suitable for all abilities & will cater for all levels.

Our sessions are not just about burpees or jumping squats, (we know how much you love them!) we believe our sessions offer great value both in person & virtually. We do not aim just to get you all hot & sweaty, we want to teach & inspire you to reach your goals especially during these difficult times.


Yes we have some exciting news that we just can

not wait to tell about......I can only give you sneak peak for now into our news, but it will be a brand new addition to our virtual classes & a brand new affiliation to a very well known & established brand.

The great thing is, this is not just a virtual session, once we can go back to group & one to one sessions we can introduce the program in a face to face format. Our in person & virtual sessions will grow as we adapt to whatever 2021 brings us.

So keep your eyes peeled for our updates on our social media platforms.


While like many others, a lot of what we had planned in our first year was scrapped due to covid-19, those plans are still in the back pocket.

One of those plans was to take part in team events. Complete things we did not think were possible together. This is still something Base Fitness is keen to get going, will it happen in 2021 is anyones guess but this is something we feel will inspire & encourage our members to be better versions of themselves.

Online Personal Training is something we can potentially use as a tool not just for now but also the future. The idea behind this means we can track your workouts, set & update your goals from one database, it also means if you do not live local to us we can still coach you via a digital platform. Again keep your eyes peeled for this over the year.

Nutrition is on the list to introduce via a digital platform. Whilst the original plan of having challenges & nutrition evenings at our Boot Camp site shelved, we can still look at doing zoom calls to help achieve your goals by applying nutritional strategies to a training plan.

Join our Base Fitness Family group on Facebook as this will be announced shortly.

As previously mentioned we will be bringing Boot Camp back on Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings when restrictions ease & it is officially safe to do so via government & CIMSPA advice & guidelines.

Until then you can join us virtually five times a week if you miss us that much!

You can book our sessions via our website.......

Our sessions are really easy to book onto, you do need to have account which is completely free to set up with no obligation to purchase any sessions.

Keep up to date with us via our social media platforms & as always feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.

We looking forward to you joining us online soon.

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