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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Allow us to introduce ourselves.....

We are Base Fitness, a Professionally recognised fitness organisation & employer partner of CIMSPA. Between us we have a combined experience of over 20 years working in the fitness industry & are both registered CIMSPA Personal Trainer Practitioners.

Our goal is to provide quality fitness sessions helping people to achieve their goals, improve their health, quality of life & to enjoy the benefits that fitness can bring through Personal Training, Boot Camp sessions & Corporate group & sports team sessions.

We also want to inspire people to push beyond what they thought was possible, show them they are capable of more. We welcome you to join us in events 5Ks, 10Ks, mud runs or even marathons! and why not. Nothings impossible its only the story you tell yourself what you can and can not achieve.

Being a recognised professional with CIMSPA means we make a commitment to keep our standards high, our CPD up to date & our knowledge current & relevant to give you the best experience possible.


How did Base Fitness start

Literally over a cup of coffee! LOL

After many years working together at a local sports centre, the conversation had popped up a few times, we put ideas together and one evening over a coffee we had a name, & BASE FITNESS was born.

With our launch scheduled for the new year, Boot Camp got off to a great start with sessions once a week. Within the space of 3 months 2020 turned on us all & put all our plans for the year under threat.

We had to think outside the box so before we knew it we was delivering virtual fitness sessions 4 times a week!

Using our living rooms as a makeshift fitness studio during lockdown,

we got productive & we got to work in how to deliver remote based training sessions which became successful & popular over night.

We built a solid social media following, became brand ambassadors for WOW Hydrate, built a website, now offer Personal Training sessions and corporate sessions, run a blog, have a youtube channel, become CIMSPA Employer Partners & registered CIMSPA Personal Trainer Practitioners so we are professionally recognised & you can trust who we are & what skill set we have to deliver a professional fitness session.

We also have all the ideas we wanted to put into action this year still to come. We are constantly thinking of ways to grow the business, re investing in Base Fitness & ourselves & cannot wait to share it all with you.

We are both very proud of where we have come over such a short space of time & under difficult & unprecedented times & we are very excited for the future.

Base Fitness was simply born out of our love and passion for fitness & physical activity. We want to make a difference!


Who are Base Fitness?

We love fitness, simple as that, our passion for it led us to the point we wanted to make a difference in the industry, provide a better service, better training experience through our knowledge, expertise & our own personal experiences completing some of the World Major Marathons, the London Classics, Nuclear races & our commitment to our CPD.

We want to show people what is possible through perseverance & hard work & that any fitness goal is achievable, no matter your current level, your age, background or even your self beliefs. Making a decision to make fitness an important part of your life is what led us here in the first place & will be the best decision you will make. Commit to fitness & you will not regret it.


The Future

We have big plans for Base Fitness, along with the launch of the brand new website, which will always be updated with new content from blog posts, to the latest youtube videos from us & new monthly workouts for you to try. We are looking at running Online Nutrition to compliment your fitness goals, Virtual Fitness for both classes & Personal Training. 30 day Challenges, one off yearly events (super top secret!) yearly reviews via the blog, Investing in new equipment to constantly keep the sessions fresh, challenging & engaging, Bobble hats! (who doesn't want a branded bobble hat lol)

Base Fitness started life as a Boot Camp, and Boot Camp will always be what we deliver, but we have so much more to introduce & look forward to whilst building & developing our brand.

We can not thank you all enough for the support so far, from starting in January, having to stop because of lockdown, attending & supporting our virtual sessions, the generous donations to help us continue (you know who you are & thank you)

& all those that returned after lockdown was lifted, again, means a lot to the both of us. The support from family & friends has been solid, it has certainly inspired us for the future.

If you would like to join us on our journey please get in touch.


Base Fitness Blog

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read our welcoming blog, we hope this gives you an insight into Base Fitness, what we are about as a business & individual instructors, our goals, ambitions & what direction we are heading in.

The blog will be a regular feature that will be filled with topics relating to health & fitness, from training styles, myths & facts, nutrition, updates on the business, updates on our adventures with the events we want to take part in (Man vs Horse will be funny lol) yearly reviews, the list is endless. Why not make a request yourself? Got a particular subject that you would like us to write about? Then get in touch.

You can reach out to us and hangout with us on our social media platforms

Instagram @basefitnessessex

Facebook basefitnessessex

Twitter @basefitnessex

Linked in

Our promise to you is our blogs will be research based & our honest individual opinions on various subjects.

No pseudoscience or Bro science here!

Bro Science: Misinformation circulated amongst men! haha

Pretty Much...

Lee Appleton

Base Fitness

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