Base Fitness

Everyday is a chance to be better…

Base Fitness focuses on helping & supporting individuals to achieve their desired fitness levels.  


We possess the experience, expertise  & passion to guide you to reach your personal health & fitness goals,

whatever they may be.

We pride ourselves with being fully qualified recognised fitness professionals with CIMPSA

As CIMSPA members we commit to delivering best practise to ensure you the customer receive safe, effective professional instruction. We commit ourselves to being current & up to date with CPD.

We represent a professional sector that is both competent & confident in it's ability to bring value & professionalism to sport & physical activity to the widest of audiences possible.


Base Fitness can cater for countless requirements, whether it be muscle gain, back pain recovery, pre and post natal fitness, weight management, or nutritional therapy. We also specialise in Sports Nutrition, moulding one to one training sessions to help you to excel in your sporting career.

We offer a range of services from one to one Personal Training sessions, Virtual fitness delivered direct to you & Boot Camps in the great outdoors.


20+ years fitness industry experience

Delivered Small Group Training, Circuit classes & Boot camps 

Passionate about helping individuals in achieving their goals by pushing beyond the comfort comfort zone

Enjoys finding new ways to push the limits

Specialises in Event Training Plans, Group Training & Endurance Training 

Professionally recognised by CIMSPA

Completed the coveted London Classics

Nuclear Races Veteran

Loves training outdoors

Enjoys designing fitness challenges 

Taking part in events

Loves Mud

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Peter Haines

Lee Appleton

10+ years fitness industry experience

Provided a local GP Exercise Referral Scheme

Worked with various clients with different medical conditions

Specialises in Nutritional Therapy  

Advanced Sports Nutrition

Lower Back Pain & Exercise referral

Professionally recognised by CIMSPA

Passionate about helping others achieve their fitness & health related goals.

Completed 3 out of 6 Abbot World Major Marathons

Close to completing the coveted London Classics 

Loves Strength training

Enjoys the odd long run!

Passionate about Nutrition & keeping the body fit & healthy

Loves the challenge of events 

Abbot Major Marathon Profile

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We hope sharing our fondest memories will inspire you to make your own

Box Hill Ride 2016
Nuclear Races 2017
London Classics
Man Vs Boat 10k
Nuclear Races 2016
Swim Serpentine
Nuclear races
VE Day 75
Velo drome
London Marathon 2013
Brentwood Half Marathon 2019
London Marathon 2016
2/3 of the London Classics
RIDE 100 2019
RIDE 100 2019
RIDE 100 2019
RIDE 100 2019
RIDE 100 2019
International Chicago 5K 2019 (1)
Chicago Marathon 2019
RIDE 100 2019
Adidas City Run 1 hour 2019
East London Half Marathon
East London Half Marathon
Berlin Marathon 2018
Berlin Marathon 2018
Adidas City Run 1 Hour 2019 (1)
Chicago Marathon 2019
Adidas City Run 1 Hour 2019
Chicago Marathon 2019
Berlin Marathon 2018
Chicago Marathon 2019


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